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Brake and suspension packages are as crucial to performance as engine and drive train combinations. Most OEM suspensions are not capable of performing correctly with a higher horsepower engine build-up. These suspensions are barely adequate for their intended purpose. Most were designed 5-10 years prior to production and in some instances just snatched off the shelf as an afterthought. Most muscle and pony cars actually handle and stop like an old log wagon!

OEM suspensions are a compromise. They were intended for ride comfort more than handling. Today's technology is easily adapted to older vehicles. CFC can help you pick a suspension package that will work for your particular application. We perform a variety of services including 4-wheel disc brake upgrades, coil overs, updated coil and leaf spring packages and 4-link packages. These packages are selected based upon the intended purpose of our customer's vehicle. Most vehicles do not require an exotic setup to perform better than OEM. We have combinations for street vehicles, street/strip vehicles, full drag race and road race applications. Proper selection of components is critical to overall satisfaction with your suspension package. Suspension packages are tailored to a specific applications so, be realistic when deciding how your vehicle is to be used. True road race and drag race suspensions will beat you to death in a mostly street driven car.

True race suspensions do not corner well at all and true road race suspensions do not function well at the drag strips! Today's modern packages can be tailored to work well in the above application so you can have a suspension package that will ride decently, corner well, and hook at the drag strip. Just remember while these packages will perform well they may not excel in any one category. What this means is a vehicle setup more for handling will compromise a little at the drag strip, whereas a vehicle setup more for the drag strip will compromise a little in the handling and cornering department. Once again, be realistic when picking a suspension package. Base it upon your vehicles intended purpose.

If you have questions about the suspension or drive train of your classic or show car project and would like more information, please call us direct at 407 290-2300.




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